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Lonely Planet Winner

By October 9, 2006April 14th, 2020No Comments

Upon returning from a 6 month backpacking adventure through Africa, I authored a DVD of some memorable experiences I had. I made one silly segment with some footage I shot in the desert outside of Timbuktu, Mali. There was a plague of locusts destroying much of the crops in Western Africa in 2004 and I had crossed it’s path many times in the previous months. Instead, I focused on some scarab beetles that were running around and eventually caught them in the act.

Someone told me about a video contest that Lonely Planet was having called Less than Three and suggested I enter it. I did and I won!

In the end, I lost out to a sheep scratching his back on a post and a re-enactment of a family vacation but I got a bunch of free travel guides and some DVDs.

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