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Daft Punk at Coachella 2006

By August 5, 2006April 14th, 2020No Comments

The Daft Punk concert at Coachella back in May 2006 is still the best electronic show I’ve ever seen. Days after the event, I got the chills every time I searched the internet and found a new clip. As weeks went on, I found more and more. Once I found the soundboard recording, I thought maybe I could piece the concert back together. All this footage is completely found on the internet and shot with mostly phones and cameras. Thanks to everyone who posted footage from their performance at Coachella this year, especially DantheMan and SupaDJ at It was a struggle to find footage of the beginning of the set, but it really gets going after about 10 minutes. This is the ENTIRE concert with excellent sound. Enjoy!

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